Understanding getopts

Command-line parameters passed along with commands are also called positional parameters. Many times, we need to pass options such as -f and -v along with a positional parameter.

Let's look at an example for passing the -x or-y options along with commands.

Write shell script getopt.sh, as follows:

USAGE="usage: $0 -x -y" 
while getopts :xy: opt_char 
  case $opt_char in 
    echo "Option x was called." 
    echo "Option y was called. Argument called is $OPTARG" 
    echo "$OPTARG is not a valid option." 
    echo "$USAGE" 

Execute this program:

$ ./getopt.sh

You will learn about the switch and case statements in the next chapters. In this script, if option -x is passed, a case statement for x will ...

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