A password box

Many times, we need a password from the user. In this case, the password should not be visible on the screen. The password box option is perfect for this purpose.

If we want to display an entered password as a string of ****, then we will need to add the --insecure option.

We will need to redirect the inserted password to a file.

Let's write dialog_03.sh shell script to receive the password as follows:

#!/bin/bash # creating the file to store password result="output.txt 2>/dev/null" # delete the password stored file, if program is exited pre-maturely. trap "rm -f output.txt" 2 15 dialog --title "Password" --insecure --clear --passwordbox "Please enter password" 10 30 2> $result reply=$? case $reply in 0) echo "You have entered ...

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