Embedding Python code in Bash shell Script

Nowadays, Python is a popular scripting language, especially in data science and automation. You can integrate Python code very easily in bash scripts. We have used here doc for this purpose.

Let's write the shell script embed_01.sh as follows:

function now_date_time 
python - <<START 
import datetime 
value = datetime.datetime.now() 
print (value) 
echo "Date and time now = $Date_Time"

Let's test the program as follows:

    $ chmod +x embed_01.sh
    $ ./ embed_01.sh

The output is as follows:

    2018-04-27 01:53:58.719905
    Date and time now = 2018-04-27 01:53:58.770123

Let's see an example of using bash variables in embedded Python code.

Let's write ...

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