Drop the table

If we want to remove a table along with its definition, data, and partitions, then we need to use the DROP command. This command will delete complete table along with its data and partitions information.

Now we will create a script oracle_08.sh to drop the table:

sqlplus user1/Test123 <<MY_QUERY 
set serveroutput on; 
drop table Writers; 
select * from Writers; 

After executing this script, your table gets deleted. We have written the select statement to check whether the table gets deleted or not.

Save the script and run it as follows:

          $ chmod +x oracle_08.sh
          $ ./oracle_08.sh

The output will be:

    SQL*Plus: Release Production on Mon Apr 30 18:15:53 2018
    Copyright (c) 1982, 2009, Oracle. All ...

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