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Salesforce Marketing Cloud For Dummies

Book Description

Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Take your digital marketing on a journey!

Everything seems to be moving to the cloud these days—and digital marketing is no exception! Salesforce Marketing Cloud For Dummies guides you through the use of Salesforce's exciting suite of cloud-based digital marketing solutions, which have the power to help you plan, personalize, and optimize your customers' journey. Written by a leader of the Salesforce training and development team, Salesforce Marketing Cloud users will find essential information on using the suite of tools and tips and tricks that only an insider would be able to share. With easy-to-follow instructions, this guide helps you discover how to incorporate your data sets into the tools to create models, campaigns, and customer maps that enable you to create a positive experience for your customers.

As Salesforce.com's multi-channel digital marketing platform, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud focuses on helping you manage one-on-one customer journeys. Leveraging a variety of features, this suite of tools offers email marketing, mobile marketing, social media marketing, content and messaging, predictive intelligence, and more. Your ability to navigate these features and functions will determine your digital marketing campaign's success, so it's critical that you make the most of this tool!

  • Navigate and manage the Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Define and understand your customers' journeys—and how you fit into them
  • Engage your customers across devices, ensuring consistent communication
  • Use predictive data to optimize engagement

Salesforce Marketing Cloud For Dummies helps you make the most of your investment in the digital marketing world!

Table of Contents

    1. Cover
    2. Introduction
      1. About This Book
      2. Foolish Assumptions
      3. Icons Used in This Book
      4. Beyond the Book
      5. Where to Go from Here
    3. Part 1: Getting Started
      1. Chapter 1: Introducing the One-to-One Customer Journey
        1. The Dawn of the Customer Journey
        2. The Importance of the Customer Journey
        3. Defining the Customer Journey
        4. Fulfilling the Customer Journey with Marketing Cloud
      2. Chapter 2: Navigating Salesforce Marketing Cloud
        1. Exploring Marketing Cloud
        2. Accessing Your Apps
      3. Chapter 3: Administering Marketing Cloud
        1. Managing Marketing Cloud Users
        2. Providing Access for Users
        3. Securing Marketing Cloud
        4. Sender and Delivery Profiles and Send Classifications
        5. IP Warm
      4. Chapter 4: Dashboard Tools
        1. Using the Calendar
        2. Managing Campaigns
    4. Part 2: Utilizing Data
      1. Chapter 5: Identifying and Preparing Your Data
        1. Defining Your Data Set
        2. Mapping Your Data to Your Objectives
      2. Chapter 6: Establishing Your Data Model
        1. Understanding Marketing Cloud Data Models
        2. Getting Data into Marketing Cloud
        3. Contact Builder
    5. Part 3: Marketing Cloud Builders
      1. Chapter 7: Content Builder
        1. Using Content Builder
        2. Images and More
        3. Templates
        4. Messages
        5. Approvals
      2. Chapter 8: Audience Builder and Contact Builder
        1. Contact Builder
        2. Audience Builder
      3. Chapter 9: Analytics and Personalization Builder
        1. Discovering Discover
        2. Using Standard Reporting
        3. Viewing Web and Mobile Analytics
        4. Using Predictive Intelligence
      4. Chapter 10: Journey Builder
        1. Automation Studio versus Journey Builder
        2. Understanding Automation Studio
        3. Creating Activities
        4. Creating an Automation
        5. Error Reporting
    6. Part 4: Marketing Cloud Studios
      1. Chapter 11: Email Studio
        1. Understanding Email Marketing in Salesforce Marketing Cloud
        2. Creating Email Content
        3. Preparing an Email to Send
        4. Sending an Email
        5. Tracking Your Email
        6. Advanced Tactics in Email
      2. Chapter 12: Mobile Studio
        1. Deciding Whether You're Ready for Mobile Marketing
        2. Understanding Mobile Terminology
        3. Configuring Your Account for Mobile
        4. MobileConnect
        5. MobilePush
        6. GroupConnect
        7. Respectful Mobile Marketing Checklist
      3. Chapter 13: Social Media Studio
        1. Deciding to Go Social
        2. Social Studio Concepts
        3. Supported Social Media Networks
        4. Getting Started with Social Studio
        5. Social Media Marketing in Social Studio
        6. Social Media Best Practices
      4. Chapter 14: Advertising Studio
        1. Advertising Studio Editions
        2. Lead Capture Edition
        3. Professional Edition
      5. Chapter 15: Web Studio
        1. Supported Online Content
        2. Creating Content in CloudPages
        3. Publishing Content
        4. Analyzing Content Performance
    7. Part 5: Mapping the Customer Journey
      1. Chapter 16: Designing a Customer Journey
        1. Understanding Journeys
        2. Parts of a Journey
        3. Considerations before Starting
        4. Beginning to Map a Customer Journey
        5. Journey Preparation Checklist
      2. Chapter 17: Creating Your Customer Journeys
        1. Revisiting the Basics of a Customer Journey
        2. The Journey Builder Dashboard
        3. Journey Canvas
        4. Journey Entry Sources
        5. Understanding Activities
    8. Part 6: The Part of Tens
      1. Chapter 18: Ten Customer Journeys for Beginners
        1. Welcome Series
        2. Abandoned Cart
        3. Birthday
        4. Browse Retargeting
        5. Customer Anniversary
        6. Loyalty Series
        7. App Download
        8. Post-Purchase
        9. Re-engagement
        10. Newsletter Series
      2. Chapter 19: Ten Secrets to a Successful Implementation
        1. Set Realistic Function Expectations
        2. Set Realistic Time Expectations
        3. Design for the Data
        4. Purchase Support
        5. Take Care with Your IP Warm
        6. Work Closely with Your Implementation Partner
        7. Establish Standards
        8. Document Everything
        9. Inform All Key People
        10. Allow Time for Training
      3. Chapter 20: Ten Bad Habits of Digital Marketers
        1. Not Testing Enough
        2. Testing Too Many Variables
        3. Assuming That Flashy Features Equal Better Results
        4. Hyper-Targeting
        5. Forsaking Proven Channels
        6. Buying the “It Just Works” Myth
        7. Over-Messaging
        8. Forgetting That Content Is King
        9. Not Staying Current
        10. Not Asking for Help
    9. About the Authors
    10. Connect with Dummies
    11. End User License Agreement