Chapter 17Discover Inbound and Outbound Marketing Hacks to Accelerate Lead Velocity

I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones.

—John Cage

Discovery is where the good marketing teams are left behind by the great ones. Corporate marketing campaigns do an excellent job of nurturing existing buyers in their pipeline but they often lack innovative ingredients to grow a new pipeline. Think about it. They share insights through their corporate LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and corporate email accounts, which helps educate existing leads but only slightly attracts new leads. Remember from our exercise in Chapter 14, we're responsible for a big lift that will help our sales team meet and exceed their sales quota.

As a digital marketing team, there are dozens of paid, earned, owned, and shared media ideas that you can execute. This is not a book about general content marketing principles. This is a book about hacking innovative digital content ideas that fuel social selling—ideas that have been proven successful and that you're most likely not doing today.

Tactic 1: Operation Land Grab

In Chapter 15, we helped you accelerate your blog development volume with an Insights Committee and shrink production velocity using “Window Time.” These simple but effective blog accelerators could allow your blogs to be published from once a week to once a day and beyond. Your company is now becoming a beacon of intellectual property, and companies that ...

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