Chapter 18Evaluate Your Customer's JourneyFind the Trends and Improve Key Sales Interactions

Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.


To begin fishing with a spear, your marketing team will need to understand the desire, emotion, and accumulated knowledge that your buyers are providing. You will map their digital fingerprints to gain a full picture of their content-consumption story. Account-based marketing efforts are only as effective as the trends and analysis you've done on your buyers. I believe that the information you learn in this chapter is typically the most underutilized but powerful way your team is going to help sales meet quota attainment. Crush your competition by understanding thy buyer!

What Is the Content-Consumption Story?

The content-consumption story is a road map of the digital fingerprints that your buyer has left on all your insights. Go beyond your blog and look for your buyer on your website, emails, social networks, and so on. That buyer is arming him- or herself with information to make informed decisions, but also leaving a set of clues for you to follow. These clues can be mapped to help you understand the volume, velocity, and probability patterns you need to scale. If you extrapolate enough customer data, you can then develop a trending story. These trends help you make prescriptive improvements to your process.

Go Beyond Lead Sourcing: Start Empirically Proving Lead Influence

At this point, we're ...

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