Chapter 9People

Stories about money ultimately are stories about people: money managers, investors, analysts, traders, investment bankers, commercial bankers, company officials, treasurers, finance ministers and so forth.

If we don’t know the people on our beats, what they do, where they’re doing it, when they’re doing it and how they do it, we don’t know our beats. If we cover stocks, bonds, currencies or commodities, we need to know the answers to these questions:

  1. Who’s the most successful trader? Why?
  2. Who was the most successful and isn’t now? Why?
  3. What do they get paid?
  4. Whose prediction was the most accurate? The least accurate?
  5. Which firm pays the most? The least?
  6. Who changed firms the most in the past five years? Who stayed put?
  7. Which ...

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