Training Ain’t Performance

Book description

Training Aint Performance is a whimsical, entertaining, and solidly written book that takes on the subject of human performance. From its first chapter, Show Me the Money, to its concluding chapters, Hit or Myth: Separating Fact from Workplace Performance Fiction, readers are gently guided toward an understanding of human performance improvement and how to use it for real organizational value.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. Preface
  6. Chapter 1: Show Me the Money!
    1. Show Me the Money! Case Study
    2. What This Book Is About
  7. Chapter 2: What's in a Word?
    1. Let's Talk About Training, Learning, and Performance
    2. A Basic Performance Vocabulary: The Terms of the Trade
    3. The Key to Performance Improvement: A New Mantra
    4. Where Does Technology Fit in All This?
    5. What's in This Book and Why?
    6. Remember This
  8. Chapter 3: The Performance System
    1. “I Need a Training Program …”
    2. The Performance World
    3. Remember This
  9. Chapter 4: What's My Greatest Performance Block?
    1. I Would Perform Better If…
    2. Gilbert's Behavior Engineering Model
    3. Debriefing the Gilbert Model Exercise
    4. Three Key Conclusions for Performance Consulting
    5. Work, Workplace, Worker
    6. Remember This
  10. Chapter 5: Engineering Effective Performance
    1. Why Engineering?
    2. An Operational-Procedural Model for Engineering Effective Performance
    3. Steps in the EEP Process
    4. EEP Summary
    5. Remember This
  11. Chapter 6: From Training Order-Taker to Performance Consultant
    1. Your New Mission
    2. Your New Roles
    3. Pulling It All Together
    4. Remember This
  12. Chapter 7: Why Training Fails: Maybe Necessary … Rarely Sufficient
    1. Suspicious Sayings to Twitch Your Antennae
    2. But I've Got a Box to Check
    3. Job Security for Trainers: A Vested Interest in Performance Failure
    4. Training Was the Answer, but It Just Didn't Stick
    5. The Story of Transfer
    6. Training Was the Answer and They Supported It. Still…
    7. Remember This
  13. Chapter 8: Panoply of Performance Interventions
    1. What's an Intervention?
    2. Two Categories of Interventions: Learning and Nonlearning
    3. Learning Interventions
    4. Nonlearning Interventions
    5. Environmental Interventions
    6. Putting It All Together
    7. Remember This
  14. Chapter 9: Making It Happen
    1. Building Professional Performance Consulting Competencies
    2. Two Broad Sets of Competencies
    3. Performance Consulting Characteristics
    4. Building Credibility and Trust
    5. Building Partnerships
    6. Building Consulting Expertise
    7. Client Responsibilities and Ways You Can Assist
    8. Reviewing the Key Points of “Making It Happen”
    9. Remember This
  15. Chapter 10: The Bottom Line: Demonstrating the Return-on-Investment of Your Performance Interventions
    1. You're in Competition
    2. Calculating Worth and ROI—It's Not So Hard
    3. First, a Few Preliminaries
    4. What Is Worth and ROI?
    5. Now for the Real Stuff: Calculating ROI
    6. Remember This
  16. Chapter 11: Hit or Myth: Separating Fact From Workplace Performance Fiction
    1. Feedback on Your Hit-or-Myth Adventures
    2. The Bottom Line on Performance
    3. A Final Hit-or-Myth Frolic: Match Your Wits to Ours
  17. Chapter 12: The Finale but Not the End
    1. A Rapid Review of Training Ain't Performance
    2. Some Parting Reflections—On Values
    3. Only Adieu and Not Goodbye
  18. For Further Reading
  19. About the Authors
  20. Back Cover

Product information

  • Title: Training Ain’t Performance
  • Author(s): Harold D. Stolovitch, Erica J. Keeps
  • Release date: June 2004
  • Publisher(s): Association for Talent Development
  • ISBN: 1562863673