15.3 PROJECT 15.3 – Picture Show

15.3.1 Project Description

This project describes the design of a slide show where a number of images (four in this project) are stored on a mikroSD card and are displayed on the TFT screen with a delay between each display. The MikroMMB board is used in the design, as in the previous project. The project is named ‘PICTURE_SHOW’. The project configuration steps are as in the previous project. In addition, the Resources window in Settings should be configured as below (see Figure 15.14), to define the interface between the mikroSD card and the MikroMMB board (you may find that this window is already configured when the external resource is clicked):



Figure 15.14 Resources window

3. Add Screen and Give it a Name
In this project, we have two screens: the startup screen, and the screen where the pictures are to be displayed. The startup screen will simply have a button and pressing this button will start the picture show. Rename the startup screen as Screen1, and set screen colour to White, with orientation set to Landscape.
4. Place components
Place a Label on Screen1 and change its caption to ‘PICTURE SHOW’. Also, place a Round button on this ...

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