Page numbers followed by f or t indicate a figure or table.

additive manufacturing, 173

Adobe software company, 137–139

Aéropostale, 4

Affordable Care Act (ACA), 47, 49

agile culture, 137–146

at Adobe software company, 137–139

discipline of creating, 145, 146f

at New York Times newspaper, 142–144

role in creating Living DNA stage, 145

role in perpetual digital transformation, 139–140

at SpaceX, 144–145

at Zappos, 140–142

Airbnb, 82–83

air cover

consequences of lack of, 65–66

defined, 63

disruption empowerment discipline and, 67–68

methods for providing, 70

Siloed stage and, 180t

aircraft (aviation) industry aircraft engines evolution, 118–119

The Economist data on takeoffs, 12

lessons from aircraft takeoff, 27

steps for successful takeoff, ...

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