Chapter 8. Windows 7 Tips and Tricks

Windows 7 is a complex operating system that is more evolutionary than revolutionary. A lot of features available in Windows 7 are based on the features available in the earlier versions of Windows—XP and Vista. Nevertheless, Windows 7 contains a wealth of new features that greatly improve the usability of Windows and its performance. In this chapter, you will learn some of the tips and tricks to getting the most out of Windows 7.

Customizing the UI

In Windows 7, Windows Explorer has gone though a kind facelift, evident most notably in the new Libraries feature, as well as with native support for touchscreens. Apart from this, Windows 7 also packs some nice little surprises to spice up your Windows experience.

Change Windows Explorer’s Default View

When you launch Windows Explorer, the default view you will get is always the Libraries (see Figure 8-1).

Though Microsoft thinks that your interaction with files should center around Libraries, not everyone will find it useful. In particular, you may want Computer (where it will display the disk drives available on your computer) to be displayed when you open Windows Explorer.

To display something different, such as Computer, when you open Windows Explorer, you need to undertake some tweaks. Click the Start menu and select All Programs→Accessories. Right-click the Windows Explorer icon and select Properties (see Figure 8-2).

Figure 8-1. The default view of Windows Explorer
Figure 8-2. Locating the Windows ...

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