Chapter 15

Integrating Data Sources

In This Chapter

arrow Identifying the data you need

arrow Understanding the fundamentals of big data integration

arrow Using Hadoop as ETL

arrow Knowing best practices for data integration

To get the most business value from big data, it needs to be integrated into your business processes. How can you take action based on your analysis of big data unless you can understand the results in context with your operational data? Differentiating your company as a result of making good business decisions depends on many factors. One factor that is becoming increasingly important is your capability to integrate internal and external data sources comprised of both traditional relational data and newer forms of unstructured data. While this may seem like a daunting task, the reality is that you probably already have a lot of experience with data integration. Don’t toss aside everything you have learned about delivering data as a trusted source to your organization. You will want to place a high priority on data quality as you move to make big data analytics actionable. However, ...

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