Chapter 25

Ten Big Data Do’s and Don’ts

In This Chapter

arrow Beginning with a clear plan

arrow Collaborating with the business

arrow Making big data part of your planning and execution process

Many companies that are beginning their exploration of big data are in the early stages of execution. Most companies are experimenting with pilots to see whether they can leverage big data sources to transform decision making. It is easy to make mistakes that can cause disruptions in your business strategy. In this chapter, we give you some ideas about what you should do and what you should avoid as you begin your journey to big data.

Do Involve All Business Units in Your Big Data Strategy

Big data is not an isolated activity. Rather, it is the way that the business can leverage huge volumes of data to learn more about customers, processes, and events than would be possible with snapshots of data. If executed properly, a big data strategy can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of a business strategy. Companies that assume that data that is out of the norm is wrong may suddenly discover some new emerging patterns of customer requirements. The business units can gain significant value when they are brought ...

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