Chapter 21

Analyzing Data in Motion: A Real-World View

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding why companies need data in motion

arrow Streaming data with an environmental impact

arrow Streaming data with a public policy impact

arrow Streaming data with a health impact

arrow Streaming data with an energy impact

If you want to be successful with big data, you need to begin by thinking about solving problems in new ways. Many of the previous limitations placed on problem-solving techniques were due to lack of data, limitations on storage or compute power, or high costs. The technology of big data is shattering some of the old concepts of what can’t be done and opening new possibilities for innovation across many industries. The new reality is that an enormous amount of data is generated every day that may have some relevance to your business, if you can only tap into it.

Most likely, you have invested lots of resources to manage and analyze the structured data that you need to understand your customers, manage your ...

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