Custom Slideshows in Elements

Elements Custom Slide Show tool lets you add audio, clip art, and fancy slide-to-slide transitions. All sorts of fun features are available in slideshows and you get several ways to share your completed slideshow, including making a Video CD (VCD) or (if you also have Premiere Elements) a DVD that your friends can watch in a regular DVD player. You can also email your slideshow or share it online (both explained in the section “Saving Your Slideshow” in Section 17.3.4).

To get started, from the Organizer, select the images you want to include. You can also start with a single photo and add more photos in the Slide Show Editor.


To both choose photos and put them in the viewing order you want before you start working in the Slide Show Editor, you can set up a temporary collection (Section 8.5). You can change the order once you’re in the Slide Show Editor, but for large shows, you save time if you have things arranged in pretty much the correct order when you start.

When you’re ready to launch the Slide Show Editor, click Create, choose Slide Show from the window that appears, and then click OK. Before you enter the actual Slide Show Editor, Elements presents you with the Slide Show Preferences window, described next.

Slide Show Preferences

This window shows you some basic starting settings for all your slideshows, like the duration of each slide and the color of the background. What you see here determines the overall look, feel, and pace of the ...

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