Chapter 3: Five-Star Customer Service via Eloquent Communications

In This Chapter

  • Brushing up on your writing skills
  • Creating Auto Answers
  • Customizing eBay's transaction messages

Business is business and, if you're in business, you must remember that your customers are number one, and they deserve your very best “five-star service.” Businesses become successful by inspiring a “wow” when it comes to servicing customers and selling quality merchandise. The image that you project through your e-mails and listings identifies you to prospective shoppers as a professional — or not. Your e-mails should be polite and professional. Your listings shouldn't make prospective buyers feel like you're hustling them, sneaking in hidden fees, or being pushy with severe rules when they're trying to make a purchase.

You don't have to have the most beautiful listings on eBay to succeed. Instead, you need products that sell — and willingness to take the time to build good customer relations! This is what gives the small-time entrepreneur a distinct advantage over the mega-company that branches its sales onto eBay. In this chapter, I cover some ways — from writing effective descriptions to sending cordial communications — to let your customers know that they're number one in your book.

Communicating in Writing Takes a Little Effort

Perhaps English class wasn't your favorite, but good grammar and proper spelling and punctuation in your communications portray you as a pro. As a writer, I constantly ...

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