Chapter 4: Listing via eBay's Turbo Lister

In This Chapter

  • Knowing the requirements
  • Downloading the software
  • Preparing your listing

Not much in this world is free, but eBay offers you a free, convenient tool you can use to list your items for sale: Turbo Lister. This powerful application helps you organize your items for sale, design your descriptions, and then upload them to the site. It organizes (and saves) your pre-designed descriptions for future use, and your items disappear from the program only if you delete them.

I like Turbo Lister because it's simple and easy to use, with a built-in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML editor that makes preparing your eBay listings offline a breeze. You can also copy and paste in your pre-made templates made in SeaMonkey (see Book V Chapter 3). After you've input your items and are ready to list, you can just click a button and they're all listed at once. You can also stagger listings and schedule them for a later date (for a fee). In this chapter, you get an inside look at how Turbo Lister works.

I have been using Turbo Lister since the dark ages of eBay and have managed to archive over 150 listings. The great news: I can reuse the templates I've designed in the past and can also update old listings to sell items with them again.

images Turbo Lister is an excellent way to archive your eBay item descriptions. Just keep an accompanying ...

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