Chapter 1

1: Of the following, which xDSL types are most closely related?
  1. CAP and SDSL

  2. Lite and HDSL

  3. ANSI T1.413 and G.992.1

  4. HDSL and G.SHDSL

A1: Answer: C. They are both DMT standards. Although HDSL2 and SHDSL are both symmetric, only G.SHDSL is a standard.
2: How is analog voice traffic integrated with SDSL?
  1. Signals are split by frequency

  2. A microfilter is used

  3. One wire of the pair carries voice, and the other one carries data

  4. The analog voice traffic may not be integrated with SDSL

A2: Answer: D. SDSL, including SHDSL, uses all frequencies on the twisted wire pair, including the lower frequencies that would otherwise be used by POTS signals.
3: DSL is considered to exist in which OSI reference model layer?
  1. Layer 2 or 3, depending on the modulation

  2. DSL is ...

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