Review Questions

1:What does the command ip unnumbered gigabit ethernet 0/0/0 accomplish?
  1. It enables IP on the interface without assigning a specific IP address.

  2. It selects the authentication protocol and an optional secondary protocol.

  3. It associates a virtual template with a virtual template interface.

  4. It specifies a dynamic IP address assignment method, from either an IP address pool or a DHCP server.

2:Which of the following apply to the NRP?
  1. Layer 3 services

  2. High-speed ATM switch

  3. Central control for the 6400

  4. Traffic shaping

3:Which of the following apply to the NSP?
  1. Central control of the 6400

  2. Layer 3 packet services

  3. Terminates PPP

  4. End-to-end transport authentication

4:Which of the following apply to the NLC?
  1. Optical interface

  2. Automatic protection switching ...

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