Chapter 5

1: Which of the following typically controls end-user access through AAA to a specific network service?
  1. Dial-in access number

  2. PPP login

  3. Network profile

  4. Service profile

A1: Answer: B. The PPP login determines what service profile to invoke for the current user.
2: Which of the following statements about RADIUS are true?
  1. RADIUS can collect accounting data for transfer to the ISP billing system.

  2. RADIUS is a less-complex AAA protocol than TACACS+.

  3. A single common RADIUS server can be accessed by many different NASs.

  4. Each NAS authenticates with RADIUS using a secret authentication password.

  5. All of the above.

A2: Answer: E. These four features of RADIUS all apply.
3: Which parameter is contained in the Accounting-Request packet?
  1. Username

  2. IP address of the ...

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