How to do it...

To create the number sequence definition class, follow these steps:

  1. First, we will need to add an element to the NumberSeqModule base enum. To do so, locate this enum, right-click on it, and choose Create extension.
  2. Rename the new base enum extension NumberSeqModule.ConVMS.
  3. Open it in the designer and add a new element. Set the Name property to ConVMSVehicleManagement and the Label property to Vehicle management.
  4. Save and close the designer and create a new class named NumberSeqModule_ConVMS.
  1. Change the declaration so that it extends NumberSeqApplicationModule and overrides the following methods so that they read as follows:
public NumberSeqModule numberSeqModule(){    return NumberSeqModule::ConVMSVehicleManagement;}/// ...

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