Digital Libraries: Security and Preservation Considerations

Cavan McCarthy, Louisiana State University


Defining Digital Libraries

Categories of Digital Libraries

Institutional and Informational Resources in the Digital Library Field

Constructing Digital Libraries

Copyright and Digital Libraries

Selection of Materials for Digital Libraries

Digitization of Materials for Digital Libraries

Software for Digital Libraries


Text Indexing

Security and Digital Libraries

Security of Original Materials During the Digitization Process

Security of Online Resources

Access Control Systems

Commercial Digital Library Systems


Preservation and Digital Libraries

Preservation of Original Materials

Preservation of Digital Materials

Preservation of CDs and DVDs

Legal Deposit of Digital Materials

Continuity of Digital Libraries

Continuity of Resource Identifiers

Continuity of Digital Libraries as Institutions



Cross References



Defining Digital Libraries

A digital library (DL) combines the advantages of digital access with the services and quality information traditionally found in a library. Digital libraries can be characterized as the “high end” of the Internet: that sector of the Internet that maintains a tradition of shared resources and easy access while offering quality content from authoritative sources, such as libraries and universities.

The author has developed the following definition of a digital library: a system ...

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