Bluetooth Technology

Brent A. Miller, IBM Corporation


Bluetooth Wireless Technology


The Bluetooth Special Interest Group

Wireless Personal Area Networks

Bluetooth Applications

The Bluetooth Protocol Stack

Bluetooth Profiles

Bluetooth Operation

Bluetooth Security



Cross References


Further Reading


Launched in May 1998, Bluetooth wireless technology rapidly has become one of the most well-known means of communication in the information technology industry. The unusual name Bluetooth itself has garnered much attention (I discuss the origins of this name later), but the main reason for the focus that the technology receives from so many companies and individuals is the new capabilities that it brings to mobile computing and communication.

This chapter discusses many facets of Bluetooth wireless technology—its origins; the associated Bluetooth Special Interest Group; its applications, especially in personal area networks; how it works; and how it addresses security issues. I also present numerous references where more information can be found about this exciting new way to form wireless personal area networks (WPANs) that allow mobile devices to communicate with each other.


Bluetooth wireless technology uses radio frequency (RF) to accomplish wireless communication. It operates in the 2.4-GHz frequency spectrum; the use of this frequency range allows Bluetooth devices to be used virtually worldwide ...

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