E-Mail and Instant Messaging

Bhagyavati, Columbus State University


Electronic Mail

Brief History of E-Mail

Advantages and Features of E-Mail

Current E-Mail Systems

Disadvantages and Vulnerabilities of E-Mail

Safeguards for E-Mail: Filters and Usage Policies

Instant Messaging

Definition of IM

Brief History of IM

Advantages and Features of IM

Current IM Systems

Disadvantages and Vulnerabilities of IM

Safeguards for IM and Usage Policies

Security in E-Mail and IM Environments

E-Mail Security: Issues and Practices

IM Security: Issues and Practices



Cross References


Further Reading


E-mail and IM systems are the two main categories of software described in this chapter, and emphasis is placed on security issues and solutions. After a brief introduction to electronic mail and instant messaging, a more detailed look at each system is presented. In today's world of increasing cybercrime, security in e-mail and IM environments is an important concern. Security issues and possible solutions are examined in depth for both e-mail and IM. Following this discussion, e-mail and IM usage policies are suggested. The conclusion is followed by a glossary of key terms and a list of references.


Electronic mail is ubiquitous in communication today. Before the usefulness of e-mail was perceived, the Internet was widely employed initially for military and academic use. The growth in popularity of the Internet was due, in part, to e-mail. ...

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