Reviewers List

Abdi, Ali New Jersey Institute of Technology

Abdu, Hasina University of Michigan, Dearborn

Aboelela, Emad University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

Ackerman, Eric S. Nova Southeastern University

Ackermann, Ernest University of Mary Washington

Acquisti, Alessandro Carnegie Mellon University

Adigun, M. O. University of Zululand, South Africa

Aflaki, James Christian Brothers University

Agah, Afrand University of Texas, Arlington

Ahmad, Numan Deloitte & Touche (Middle East)

Aiman, Mark Purdue University

Akingbehin, Kiumi University of Michigan, Dearborn

Aksen, Deniz Koç University, Turkey

Albert, Raymond T. University of Maine

Ali, Sanwar Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Almgren, Magnus Chalmers University, Sweden

Aman, James R. Saint Xavier University

Anantharaju, Srinath North Carolina State University

Anjum, Forooq Telcordia

Antolovich, Michael Charles Sturt University

Apon, Amy University of Arkansas

Arbeláez, Harvey Monterey Institute of International Studies

Asadi, Mehran University of Texas, Arlington

Avoine, Gildas EPFL, Switzerland

Babad, Yair University of Illinois, Chicago

Backhouse, James London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

Baclawski, Kenneth Northeastern University

Bae, Benjamin B. Central Washington University

Bain, Jonathan Polytechnic University

Baker, Theodore P. Florida State University

Balfanz, Dirk Palo Alto Research Center

Balinsky, Alexander Cardiff University, UK

Ball, Nicholas L. University of Minnesota

Balthazard, Pierre A. Arizona ...

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