1. The name of the resource should contain...
    1. As much information as possible
    2. As little information as possible
    3. Basic information
  2. Public endpoints should be...
    1. Always exposed to internet access
    2. Exposed to internet access only when needed
    3. Never exposed to internet access
  3. To control management access to Azure VMs, you can use...
    1. NSGs
    2. Just in Time access
    3. Both
  1. Multi-factor authentication is...
    1. Free for all users
    2. Free for administrators
    3. Payed for all users
    4. Payed for administrators
  2. IaC stands for...
    1. Infrastructure as code
    2. Infrastructure as configuration
    3. Information as code
  3. An ARM template is a...
    1. Script
    2. JSON file
    3. TXT file
  4. The Azure command-line tool is...
    1. Azure PowerShell
    2. Azure CLI
    3. Both
  5. With IaC, we can...
    1. Deploy ...

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