Chapter 7. Formatting Text by Using Style Sheets

Formatting Text by Using Style Sheets

In this chapter you will learn to:

  • ✓ Specify a font family.

  • ✓ Specify a font size and color.

  • ✓ Apply bold and italics.

  • ✓ Apply strikethrough and underlining.

  • ✓ Create inline spans.

  • ✓ Adjust spacing between letters.

When you know how to create style rules, a whole new world opens up in HTML formatting. Virtually anything that you can do in a word-processing program, you can do in HTML by using styles.

You might be wondering whether the simple text-formatting tags you learned about in Part I of the book, such as the <b> and <i> tags, are still relevant. They are—to a degree. The W3C is increasingly focused ...

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