Creating and configuring ASEs

Let's create an ASE with following:

  • Front end pool with two P2 compute resources
  • Worker pool 1 with two P1 compute resources
  • Worker pool 2 with zero P2 compute resources
  • Worker pool 3 with zero P3 compute resources
  • Single IP address to be used for IP SSL
  • VNet with 512 addresses using an RFC 1918 private address space; subnet with 256 addresses

To create an ASE follow, these steps:

  1. In the left sidebar, find App Service Environments.
If it is not available, then click on More services and filter App Service Environments. Click on the star icon to bring that link on the left sidebar.
  1. Click on +Add. Enter Name for the ASEs, select Subscription, and select Resource Group (we already created the eTutorialsWorld ...

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