Section 5.4 Examples Using the for Statement

• Java treats floating-point constants like 1000.0 and 0.05 as type double. Similarly, Java treats whole-number constants like 7 and -22 as type int.

• The format specifier %4s outputs a String in a field width (p. 161) of 4—that is, printf displays the value with at least 4 character positions. If the value to be output is less than 4 character positions wide, the value is right justified (p. 161) in the field by default. If the value is greater than 4 character positions wide, the field width expands to accommodate the appropriate number of characters. To left justify (p. 161) the value, use a negative integer to specify the field width.

Math.pow(x, y) (p. 162) calculates the value of x raised ...

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