TicTacToeServer Class

As the TicTacToeServer receives each client connection, it creates an instance of inner-class Player (Fig. 28.11, lines 182–304) to process the client in a separate thread. These threads enable the clients to play the game independently. The first client to connect to the server is player X and the second is player O. Player X makes the first move. The server maintains the information about the board so it can determine if a player’s move is valid.

 1   // Fig. 28.11: TicTacToeServer.java  2   // Server side of client/server Tic-Tac-Toe program.  3   import java.awt.BorderLayout;  4   import java.net.ServerSocket;  5   import java.net.Socket;  6   import java.io.IOException;  7   import java.util.Formatter; ...

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