Game project – Canyon Bunny

To make this guide both easy and fun to read, it makes perfect sense to show how to plan and develop a whole game project throughout this book. As we now know, planning should be the first step to take on the journey of any new game project.

So, let us begin with the outline:


Name or Working Title: Canyon Bunny

Genre: 2D Side-Scrolling Jump and Run

List of actors:

  • Player character (can jump and move forward; controlled by player)
  • Rocks, serving as platforms for the player character and items
  • Canyons in the background (level decoration)
  • Clouds in the sky (level decoration)
  • Water at the bottom of the level (deadly for player character)
  • Collectible items for the player: gold coins, feather power-up

Next, it is always helpful ...

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