Mastering the World of Marketing: The Ultimate Training Resource from the Biggest Names in Marketing

Book description

The best of the best strategies from leading marketers

There are millions of ways to speak to your market today; this makes choosing the best approach all the more important. With methods, tricks, techniques, strategies, and platforms suited for companies and budgets of all sizes, Mastering the World of Marketing reveals how 50 of the top marketers working today generate leads, create brand recognition, and capture new customers.

Covering both offline and online channels, this comprehensive guide examines traditional, alternative, and hybrid approaches, giving you the full range of what works today so you can choose what suits your business needs best.

  • Includes networking, word of mouth marketing, customer referrals, yellow page directories, radio, print, email marketing, direct mail, internet marketing, social media marketing, public relations, and advertising

  • Includes chapters from contributors such as Chris Brogan, Tony Hsieh, Jack Trout, David Meerman Scott, Guy Kawasaki, Peter Shankman, Scott Stratten, Mari Smith, Gary Vaynerchuck, and more!

A value-packed resource that offers unparalleled access to today's brightest marketing stars, Mastering the World of Marketing gives you all the marketing tools you need to reach your audience with compelling, winning messages

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Foreword
  5. Introduction: Mastering the World of Marketing
    1. No Customer Interest = No Customer Sales
  6. Chapter 1: The Split-Testing Attitude
    1. Google Web Site Optimizer
    2. Hypertracker
    3. Traffic → Optin Page → Sales Letter → OTOs
    4. About the Author
  7. Chapter 2: Thirty-One–derfully Simple Ways to Make Your Ads Generate More Inquiries
    1. About the Author
  8. Chapter 3: 100 Personal Branding Tactics Using Social Media
    1. Listening
    2. Home Base
    3. Passports
    4. Outposts
    5. Content
    6. Conversation
    7. Community
    8. Face to Face
    9. Promotion
    10. About the Author
  9. Chapter 4: Dewey, Cheatum & Howe, Inc.
    1. Losing All Your Candy Lesson One
    2. Losing All Your Candy Lesson Two
    3. Losing All Your Candy Lesson Three
    4. About the Author
  10. Chapter 5: Five Ways to Avoid Small Business Marketing Complacency
    1. Want to See Your Company's Profits Grow Every Year?
    2. How to Avoid the Trap of Marketing Complacency with Your Business
    3. Not Sure What to Fix?
    4. About the Author
  11. Chapter 6: Ten Internet Marketing Rules to Live By
    1. About the Author
  12. Chapter 7: Forget Benefits, and You Will Sell More
    1. One Message
    2. One Market
    3. One Outcome
    4. About the Author
  13. Chapter 8: Ten Common Mistakes Exhibitors Make
    1. Preshow
    2. At-Show
    3. PostShow
    4. About the Author
  14. Chapter 9: Build a Killer Media List
    1. Start Now
    2. Update Constantly
    3. About the Author
  15. Chapter 10: Two Businesses, One Marketing Plan
    1. About the Author
  16. Chapter 11: Relevancy Rules for Google (and for You, Too)
    1. About the Author
  17. Chapter 12: A Newbie's Field Guide to Twitter for Business: Twenty-Nine Questions (and Answers) About Starting Out
    1. About the Author
  18. Chapter 13: Is This a Bad Time to Market?
    1. About the Author
  19. Chapter 14: The Dos and Dont's to Using Article Marketing to Get Online Visibility
    1. Steps to Online Visibility
    2. Three Deadly Online Visibility Mistakes
    3. About the Author
  20. Chapter 15: What Poker Taught Me about Business
    1. About the Author
  21. Chapter 16: How to Be Fascinating
    1. About the Author
  22. Chapter 17: Common Courtesy Is a Marketing Strategy
    1. What Is Marketing?
    2. Gratitude as a Marketing Strategy
    3. About the Author
  23. Chapter 18: Two Key Elements to Article Marketing: The Perfect Title and Resource Box
    1. A “Good” versus “Bad” Title Example
    2. About the Author
  24. Chapter 19: Top Ten Metrics for Measuring Social Media Marketing ROI
    1. Three Things to Keep in Mind When Measuring Social Media Marketing Success
    2. Top 10 Ways to Measure Social Media Marketing (in 10 Minutes!)
    3. About the Author
  25. Chapter 20: Tap into Your Think Tank: Twenty Ways to Generate Ideas That Will Boost Your Business
    1. About the Author
  26. Chapter 21: Marketing WITHOUT Marketing
    1. Online Continuity
    2. Offline Continuity
    3. About the Author
  27. Chapter 22: Where and When to Begin Marketing
    1. About the Author
  28. Chapter 23: Top Eleven Proven Ways to Grow Your E-Mail Marketing List
    1. Proven Method 1: Optimize Current Customer Communication
    2. Proven Method 2: Use an E-Mail Appending Service
    3. Proven Method 3: Convert Offline Prospects to Online Prospects
    4. Proven Method 4: Make Use of Industry E-Mail Newsletters
    5. Proven Method 5: Consider Coregistration Vendors
    6. Proven Method 6: Sponsor an Online Event
    7. Proven Method 7: Make Use of Online Marketing Resources
    8. Proven Method 8: Give Your Subscribers the Tools to Share Your Message
    9. Proven Method 9: Send a Postcard to Convert People to Online
    10. Proven Method 10: Set Up Comarketing and Cross-Promotions
    11. Proven Method 11: Become an Online Subject-Matter Expert
    12. About the Author
  29. Chapter 24: Setting a Marketing Budget
    1. How to Set a Marketing Budget: Budget-Setting Guidelines
    2. An Important Consideration (Adjust for Industry!)
    3. Can I Still Grow My Company with “Baby Steps”?
    4. Why Do So Many SMBs Fail?
    5. About the Author
  30. Chapter 25: Big-Ass Fans and the Naked Truth about Attention and Controversy
    1. Love Letters and Hate Mail
    2. If You Don’t Want to Get Cut, Don't Get Into a Sword Fight
    3. About the Author
  31. Chapter 26: What Makes Things Go Viral
    1. About the Author
  32. Chapter 27: There Is No Word-of-Mouth “Marketing”
    1. About the Author
  33. Chapter 28: The Eight Ps of Buying Triggers
    1. Not All Triggers Are Created Equal
    2. About the Author
  34. Chapter 29: “Robert, They Can't Eat You!”: My Rules for Success in Business and Life in General
    1. I Liked Clint Eastwood's Rules
    2. My Rules Come from the Significant Life Events I've Experienced
    3. And, of Course, Not All Life Events Are Happy Ones
    4. I've Been Very Lucky When It Comes to Business
    5. Retirement Was Not for Me
    6. And One More Thing
    7. About the Author
  35. Chapter 30: Book Yourself Solid: How to Get Clients Even If You Hate Marketing
    1. Seven Keys to Booking Yourself Solid
    2. About the Author
  36. Chapter 31: Twenty-Three Questions for Prospective Bloggers: Is a Blog Right for You?
    1. About the Author
  37. Chapter 32: Ten Ways to Surf for Buried Treasure in Your Market
    1. Buried Treasure Finder 1: Build a Better Keyword List
    2. Buried Treasure Finder 2: Stand on the Shoulders of Your Competitors
    3. Buried Treasure Finder 3: Use Amazon to Reveal Your Buyers’ Thoughts
    4. Buried Treasure Finder 4: Leverage Your Own Site's Analytics
    5. Buried Treasure Finder 5: Find and Mine the Forums
    6. Buried Treasure Finder 6: Use the Most Popular Blogs
    7. Buried Treasure Finder 7: Magazine Stand Magazines
    8. Buried Treasure Finder 8: Delicious Search
    9. Buried Treasure Finder 9: Q & A Sites
    10. Buried Treasure Finder 10: Clicktale
    11. Who's Your Ideal Customer?
    12. About the Author
  38. Chapter 33: Avoiding Dreadful Marketing Ideas
    1. Fight Bad Business with Good Advertising
    2. Run Kitchen Sink Ads
    3. Portray the Customer as a Fool
    4. Save the Best for Last
    5. Change Your Logo Often and Dramatically
    6. Build It and Trust They Will Come
    7. Move Fast: If You Snooze, You Might Lose
    8. Think People Will Care That You're under New Management
    9. Believe There's a Pie in the Online Sky
    10. Believe Your Customer Is Captive
    11. About the Author
  39. Chapter 34: Ten Web Landing Page Tips to Drive Action
    1. About the Author
  40. Chapter 35: Everything You Need to Know about Word-of-Mouth Marketing
    1. Lesson 1: The Definition of Word-of-Mouth Marketing
    2. Lesson 2: The Four Rules of Word-of-Mouth
    3. Lesson 3: The Three Reasons People Talk about You
    4. About the Author
  41. Chapter 36: Five Ways to Not Screw Up Your Networking Attempts
    1. About the Author
  42. Chapter 37: Seven Direct Mail Secrets Guaranteed to Create a Stampede of New Business
    1. Secret 1: Your List Is the First and Foremost
    2. Secret 2: How to Get Your Letter Opened and Most Importantly, Read
    3. Secret 3: A Letter Means Action
    4. Secret 4: No Offer = No Response
    5. Secret 5: Continuous Mailings
    6. Secret 6: Testing
    7. Secret 7: Tracking
    8. About the Author
  43. Chapter 38: Twenty-One Creative Ways to Increase Your Facebook Fanbase
    1. The Big Myth
    2. About the Author
  44. Chapter 39: The Great Brand Dilution
    1. The Evolution of Brand Marketing
    2. Belief That Social Media Creates New Challenges for Protecting Brand Integrity, 2010
    3. Update the Brand Style Guide
    4. About the Author
  45. Chapter 40: How to Write a Great Press Release: A Sample Press Release Template
    1. What Is a Press Release?
    2. How Is a Press Release Used?
    3. What Is the Proper Press Release Format?
    4. What Should I Put in My Press Release?
    5. Press Release Headline
    6. The Press Release Subhead
    7. The Press Release Lead
    8. The Rest of the Press Release
    9. Some Key Things to Remember
    10. About the Author
  46. Chapter 41: Why I Changed My Coffee Religion
    1. About the Author
  47. Chapter 42: Power of Psychological Triggers
    1. About the Author
  48. Chapter 43: Five Guerrilla Marketing Weapons That Helped Increase My Business without Spending Any Money
    1. About the Author
  49. Chapter 44: Love and Logic Equals GREAT Marketing
    1. Know Your ABTs
    2. What Is Testing?
    3. Copy: The Message Behind Your Product
    4. Product: Evolution Is a Must
    5. Offer: It Can Make It or Break It
    6. List/Media: The Best for Last
    7. About the Author
  50. Chapter 45: The Importance of Being Different
    1. The Definition
    2. The Argument Still Rages
    3. Where's Rosser Now That We Need Him?
    4. Step 1 in Building Brands
    5. The Importance of Being Different
    6. How People Figure Things Out
    7. Differentiating with “Intuitives”
    8. Differentiating with “Thinkers”
    9. Differentiating with “Feelers”
    10. Differentiating with “Sensors”
    11. You Can Differentiate Anything
    12. Differentiating Commodities
    13. About the Author
  51. Chapter 46: The Five Most Important Words on Your Web Site
    1. Number One: Free
    2. Number Two: Sign Up
    3. Number Three: Buy
    4. Number Four: Now
    5. Number Five: Thank You
    6. Finally
    7. About the Author
  52. Chapter 47: Crush It!
    1. About the Author
  53. Chapter 48: The Twenty-One Most Powerful Copywriting Rules of All Time
    1. About the Author
  54. Chapter 49: Search Engine Optimization Made Easy
    1. Site Structure
    2. On Page Optimization
    3. Link Building
    4. Link Building Tips
    5. Link building strategies
    6. Brand Building
    7. Viral Marketing
    8. Measuring Results
    9. Keeping Up to Date
    10. About the Author
  55. Chapter 50: What Is Marketing?
    1. Marketing Is Not Tactics
    2. Obviously, Marketing Is About Customers
    3. What About Competitive Analysis?
    4. What About Company Capabilities?
    5. So, What Is Marketing?
    6. About the Author
  56. Additional World Class Marketing Resources
  57. Index

Product information

  • Title: Mastering the World of Marketing: The Ultimate Training Resource from the Biggest Names in Marketing
  • Author(s): Eric Taylor, David Riklan
  • Release date: May 2011
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9780470888414