Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Distilled

Book description

“Scott Schnoll has the amazing ability to present deeply technical information in an easy-to-understand, light-hearted way. This book is a must-read for anyone who is implementing Exchange 2003.”

Paul Bowden, lead program manager, Exchange Server Development, Microsoft Corporation

“Scott Schnoll’s clear, concise writing style and diverse knowledge makes his Exchange 2003 book readable and valuable to anyone deploying, inheriting, or considering Exchange Server 2003. An excellent, thorough, all-purpose Exchange 2003 book.”

William Lefkovics, senior messaging and systems analyst,eEye Digital Security

“This is one Exchange Server book that you’ll actually enjoy reading from cover to cover. You won’t want to put it down . . . I didn’t! It’s easy to read, yet it contains all of the essential information that you need to know.”

Christopher Meirick, co-blogger, MS Exchange Blog:

“Scott Schnoll’s knowledge of Exchange is second to none, and he has the ability to take very technical topics and explain them in a manner that is easy to digest. This book should be in every Exchange administrator’s toolkit.”

Mark Fugatt, MCT,Exchange MVP

“I really enjoyed reading this book. I found it to be extremely informative, especially in covering the new features of Exchange 2003. I have no doubts in recommending this book to those who are serious about Exchange 2003.”

Neil Hobson, Exchange MVP, lead messaging consultant,Silversands

“Scott has written the essential administrative guide for Exchange 2003 deployment. Not only covering the ‘how-to,’ but also truly exploring the ‘what-if’ scenarios as well.”

Kevin T. Price, deputy chief technical officer, CMS Information Services, Inc.

“An essential technical reference containing the critical information necessary for successful administration and deployment of Exchange Server 2003. New features, removed features—this book covers it all.”

James V. Walker, consultant

“Scott Schnoll’s clear, concise writing style and diverse knowledge make his Exchange 2003 book readable and valuable to anyone deploying, inheriting, or considering Exchange Server 2003. An excellent, thorough, all-purpose Exchange book.”

William Lefkovics, Senior Messaging and Systems Analyst, eEye Digital Security

Nearly three years in the making, Exchange Server 2003 is the most reliable and secure messaging solution that Microsoft has ever produced. Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Distilled is a practical, hands-on guide designed to bring readers quickly up to speed on the latest changes and enhancements to the leading e-mail server.

Drawing on his involvement in Microsoft’s Exchange Server 2003 Joint Development Program, author Scott Schnoll offers the detailed technical information that Exchange administrators need to know. He has a clear and concise style, and focuses on what’s new, what’s improved, and what’s been removed from Exchange Server 2003. Throughout the book Scott illustrates key points with real-world scenarios, and provides best practices drawn from his years of experience working with Exchange.

You will find answers to a variety of important questions, such as:

  • What features have been included in Exchange Server 2003 to replace Exchange Server 2000 and 5.5 features? Chapter 3

  • How do you use Internet Mail Wizard to configure Exchange for Internet messaging? Chapter 4

  • What does Exchange Server 2003 offer for remote security, and how can you now better block unwanted e-mail? Chapter 6

  • How do you back up, restore, and recover data using Recovery Storage Groups, Windows Volume Shadow Service, and other features? Chapter 8

  • How do you use the new Outlook Mobile Access and Exchange ActiveSync features? Chapter 9

  • What tuning and configuration patterns will work best for your organization? Chapter 10

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    Table of contents

    1. Copyright
    2. Praise for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Distilled
    3. Preface
    4. About the Author
    5. Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Overview
      1. Business Messaging for the Masses
      2. A Brief History of Microsoft Exchange
      3. Introduction to Exchange Server 2003
      4. Summary
    6. System Requirements for Exchange Server 2003
      1. Software Requirements for Your Exchange Infrastructure
      2. Software Requirements for Exchange Servers
      3. Hardware Requirements for Exchange Server 2003
      4. Operating System Compatibility and Selection
      5. Client Compatibility and Selection
      6. Summary
    7. Exchange Server 2003 Feature Overview
      1. Deployment Made Easier
      2. Improved Administration
      3. Trustworthy Computing and Exchange 2003
      4. Reliability and Availability in Exchange 2003
      5. Increased Productivity for Knowledge Workers
      6. Developer Enhancements in Exchange 2003
      7. Where Did It Go?
      8. Summary
    8. Deployment Tools and Techniques
      1. Exchange Deployment Tools
      2. Deploying Exchange 2003 Using ExDeploy
      3. Coexistence with Exchange 5.5
      4. Coexistence with Mixed Mode Exchange 2000 and Exchange 5.5
      5. Upgrade from Exchange 2000 Native Mode
      6. New Exchange 2003 Installation
      7. Internet Mail Wizard
      8. Summary
    9. Administration and Management
      1. Exchange System Manager
      2. Query-based Distribution Groups
      3. Summary
    10. Exchange Server 2003 Security
      1. Secure by Design
      2. Filtering and Blocking Unwanted E-Mail
      3. Summary
    11. Reliability, Availability, and Clustering
      1. Exchange Error Reporting
      2. Link State Routing Improvements
      3. Improved Memory Management
      4. Exchange Clusters
      5. Summary
    12. Backup, Restore, and Recovery
      1. Volume Shadow Copy Service
      2. Recovery Storage Groups
      3. Restoring Mailbox Stores Using Recovery Storage Groups
      4. Summary
    13. Outlook Clients and Mobility
      1. The Outlook Experience
      2. New Exchange-Related Features in Outlook 2003
      3. Outlook Web Access
      4. Outlook Mobile Access and Exchange ActiveSync
      5. Summary
    14. Exchange 2003 Tips and Tricks
      1. Tuning Exchange 2003
      2. Deprecated Exchange 2000 Tuning Parameters
      3. Exchange 2003 Tuning Parameters
      4. Exchange 2003 Tools
      5. Resources and Links
      6. Summary
    15. Mobile Devices Supported by ASP.NET
    16. Device Emulators Supported by ASP.NET

    Product information

    • Title: Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Distilled
    • Author(s): Scott Schnoll
    • Release date: March 2004
    • Publisher(s): Addison-Wesley Professional
    • ISBN: 032124592X