Chapter 3. Client Configuration

Before you can use Net8, you must install it. This chapter describes the fundamentals of installing and configuring the Net8 client software. Most often, you install the client software on a PC, but servers are often used as clients. Thus, if you’re using replication, for example, you will need to configure Net8 client software on your server so that it can connect as a client to a remote server in order to replicate your data.

The Overall Process

The process of installing and configuring Net8 client software is usually very simple. You generally follow the steps shown in Figure 3.1.

The process for installing and configuring Net8

Figure 3-1. The process for installing and configuring Net8

Things only begin to get complex if you are using one of Net8’s more esoteric features, such as client load balancing, or if something about your configuration prevents Net8 from working properly. If you find yourself in a troubleshooting situation, Chapter 10, and Chapter 11, can help you set things right again.

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