Chapter 9. Connection Manager

Connection Manager is a Net8 component that ships only with Oracle8i Enterprise Edition. Its primary use is in environments that support an extremely large number of users (into the thousands, for example). Connection Manager can also be used to good advantage in an environment where database clients and database servers do not share the same network protocol.

Connection Manager Benefits

Connection Manager implements three features known as connection concentration, multi-protocol support, and access control, which provide the following benefits:

Connection concentration

Combines many client connections into just one network connection to the database instance. This allows you to support more inbound connections to a database service than your server could support directly.

Multi-protocol support

Allows clients to connect to database servers even when the client is using a network protocol that is different from that used by the server. This enables you to more easily support clients in heterogeneous environments.

Access control

Allows you to control access to database services based on a combination of attributes that include the source host, the destination host, and the database service name. This only applies to TCP/IP environments.

If you need one of these features in your environment, and you are running the Enterprise Edition of Oracle, then you should take a serious look at Connection Manager. However, if you do not specifically need one of these features, ...

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