Print: Printing with the Print Sheet

After you connect and configure your printer and set up how you want your document to print, you come to the final steps before that joyous moment when your printed page pops out of the printer. Navigating the Print sheet is the last thing standing between you and your output.

remember_4c.eps Although most Print sheets that you see look like the figures I show here, others might differ slightly. The features in the Print sheet are a function of the program with which you’re printing. Many programs choose to use the standard-issue Apple sheet, but not all do. If I don’t explain a certain feature in this chapter, chances are good that the feature is specific to the application or printer you’re using (in which case, the documentation for that program or printer should offer an explanation).

Printing a document

If everything has gone well so far, the actual act of printing a document is pretty simple. Just follow the steps here, and in a few minutes, pages should start popping out of your printer like magic. (In the sections that follow, I talk about some print options that you’ll probably need someday.)

1. Open a document that you want to print.

2. Choose FilePrint (or press maccmd.jpg+P).

You see the basic Print sheet, as shown in Figure 15-4.

Figure 15-4: Your basic ...

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