The PCI Express Way

PCI Express provides a high-speed, high-performance, point-to-point, dual simplex, differential signaling Link for interconnecting devices. Data is transmitted from a device on one set of signals, and received on another set of signals.

The Link - A Point-to-Point Interconnect

As shown in Figure 1-20, a PCI Express interconnect consists of either a x1, x2, x4, x8, x12, x16 or x32 point-to-point Link. A PCI Express Link is the physical connection between two devices. A Lane consists of signal pairs in each direction. A x1 Link consists of 1 Lane or 1 differential signal pair in each direction for a total of 4 signals. A x32 Link consists of 32 Lanes or 32 signal pairs for each direction for a total of 128 signals. The Link ...

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