Header Type 1


Figure 22-13 on page 803 illustrates the layout of a PCI-to-PCI bridge's configuration header space.

Header Type 1 Registers Compatible With PCI

The Header Type 1 PCI configuration registers that are implemented and used identically in both PCI and PCI Express are:

  • Vendor ID register.

  • Device ID register.

  • Revision ID register.

  • Class Code register.

  • Header Type register.

  • BIST register.

  • Capabilities Pointer register.

  • Subordinate Bus Number register.

  • Secondary Bus Number register.

  • Primary Bus Number register.

  • IO Base, Limit and Upper registers.

  • Memory Base and Limit registers.

  • Expansion ROM Base Address register.

The sections that follow provide a description of each of these registers.

Header Type 1 Registers Incompatible With PCI

In a ...

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