0 matrix or column vector of zeros
1 column vector of ones
inline nth beth number (cardinality of infinite sets)
inline infinity symbols (not real numbers)
arg(s) angle of complex s
inline θ minimizing inline
inline θ maximizing inline
Bn Bernoulli number
B(a, b) beta function
By(a, b) incomplete beta function
B3dB 3-dB bandwidth
BNE noise-equivalent bandwidth
BRMS root-mean-square bandwidth
Bm[k] mth-order backward prediction error
inline bias of an estimator for parameter θ or beampattern of an antenna array
ceil(x) ceiling function
cov[X, Y] covariance of X and Y
cov[X] autocovariance matrix of X
c general location parameter
c(t) cumulant generating function
cX coefficient of variation
C Cantor set, channel capacity per symbol, or contour of integration

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