Chapter 12

Shepherding a Product Idea through the Development Phase


check Diving into waterfall and Agile development

check Making product trade-offs

check Following important leadership practices throughout development

You’ve got a great idea that meets all the criteria for success. Your plans are in place, and your development team knows who the personas are (see Chapter 5), understands the use cases (see Chapter 11) and/or user stories (discussed later in this chapter), and is ready to build a great product. Now the work of creating that great product begins, and you as the product manager need to step up and lead the team through any bumps in the road that come up.

Getting the Lowdown on Waterfall/Phase-Gate versus Agile Development

The two general development methodologies used for developing products are waterfall and Agile. Waterfall is a phase-gate (also called stage-gate) process (see Chapter 3), and Agile comes in many flavors, such as scrum, extreme programming, Lean, and kanban. We cover the key principles of waterfall and Agile in regards to product management here so that whatever method you choose (or is chosen for you), you can be successful.

Waterfall: Measure ...

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