References a previously registered Java applet within an instance of CFFORM. Applet registration is handled via the ColdFusion Administrator.


APPLETSOURCE=" registered_applet_name "

The actual name of the Java applet. Required.

NAME=" form_field_name "

What to call the Java applet within the context of CFFORM. Required.

ALIGN=" alignment "

Alignment of the applet. Optional. Valid entries are: Left, Right, Top, TextTopt, Bottom, AbsBottom, Middle, AbsMiddle, Baseline.

HEIGHT=" height_in_pixels "

Height of the applet in pixels. Optional.

WIDTH=" width_in_pixels "

Width of the applet in pixels. Optional.

HSPACE=" horizontal_spacing_in_pixels "

Horizontal space in pixels along each side of the applet. Optional.

VSPACE=" vertical_spacing_in_pixels "

Vertical space in pixels along the top and bottom of the applet. Optional.

NOTSUPPORTED=" text_messsage "

Text to appear if Java isn’t supported by the user’s browser. Optional.

PARAM n =" parameter_value "

Additional user-defined parameters to pass to the applet. Optional.

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