Changes the current locale used by ColdFusion to newlocale for the duration of the current session. Returns the old locale so that it can be used again if necessary. Valid entries for newlocale include the following:

Dutch (Belgian)

French (Canadian)

Norwegian (Bokmal)

Dutch (Standard)

French (Standard)

Norwegian (Nynorsk)

English (Australian)

French (Swiss)

Portuguese (Brazilian)

English (Canadian)

German (Austrian)

Portuguese (Standard)

English (New Zealand)

German (Standard)

Spanish (Mexican)

English (United Kingdom)

German (Swiss)

Spanish (Modern)

English (United States)

Italian (Standard)

Spanish (Standard)

French (Belgian)

Italian (Swiss)


The following example changes the current locale to Swedish:

Default Locale: #GetLocale(  )#

<P>Changing locale to Swedish...
<CFSET OldLocale = SetLocale("Swedish")>

<P>New Locale: #GetLocale(  )#<BR>
Old Locale: #OldLocale#

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