Message body

Generates an email message and sends it through a designated SMTP server.


FROM=" sender "

Sender’s email address. Required.

TO=" recipient "

Recipient’s email address. Separate multiple recipients with commas. Required.

CC=" copy_to "

A list of recipients to send copies of the email. Separate multiple recipients with commas. Optional.

BCC=" blind_copy_to "

A list of recipients to send blind copies of the email. BCC recipients aren’t shown in the email header. Separate multiple recipients with commas. Optional.

SUBJECT=" subject "

The subject of the email. Required.

TYPE=" message_type "

The extended mail type of the message. The only option currently supported is HTML. HTML mail allows you to control the formatting of your messages by embedding HTML within the message body. Optional.

QUERY=" query_name "

The name of a query to use for pulling data to populate messages or to send messages to multiple recipients. Optional.

GROUP=" query_column "

The query column that should be used to group data. Grouping data results in the elimination of duplicate output. Grouping is case-sensitive unless the GROUPCASESENSITIVE attribute is set to No. Optional.


Whether grouping should be case-insensitive or case-insensitive. Optional. The default is Yes. This attribute works only if the record set has already been grouped appropriately. CFMAIL can’t reorder or resort the record ...

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