Let’s be clear — this is not your father’s resume! In our think-fast, technology-driven world of 24/7 communication, things change virtually overnight — including resume writing. The eighth edition of Resumes For Dummies includes extensive updated information on the newest trends and changes with a one-two punch of creative elements that the tech savvy will excitedly embrace.

Get ready for an innovative ride as I take you through fresh digital ideas — from social networking profiles to resume-capable mobile devices — and new techniques. I present a fresh but still user-friendly approach to making sure your resume stands up out of a virtual stack of applicants and screams, “Read me!”

Much of what worked before in resume writing still applies but is rarely sufficient now. Just as you have to keep up with the changes in your professional field, you have to keep up with changes in presenting yourself in writing, and this book helps you do exactly that. Prepare to embrace the next chapter in personal marketing!

Ready to win that interview for your dream job? Okay, let’s getting going to update your resume and find the job you want.

About This Book

Resumes For Dummies, 8th Edition, is the playbook showing you how to write powerful, targeted, and creative resumes. Just as importantly, I show you how to use them with important ideas and strategies in your search for the right job. The first five chapters spotlight the latest resume technology and innovations; the remainder ...

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