Chapter 12

Opting for a Creative Resume


Bullet Learning when you should and shouldn’t get creative

Bullet Understanding additional creative principles

Bullet Applying step-by-step strategies

Do a quick online search for creative resume, and you'll see a wide array of plain to over-the-top resume formats. You might wonder whether full-color or graphic-filled resumes are what you need. I answer that question in this chapter, and provide step-by-step strategies for designing your own creative resume. For more ideas, see the award-winning graphic resumes in Chapter 18.

Understanding Why Creative Resumes Are Game Changers

The formatting, content, and presentation of a creative resume can give you an edge during a job search. Desktop publishing and design software, first made widespread in the 1980s, has enabled some people to elevate the marketing and advertising strategy in their resumes.

Anyone can use some creativity in a resume to help it stand out in a stack of plain resumes. As you read this chapter, you'll see examples of when to go all-out with design and when to be more restrained.

The key to this chapter is to learn new methods to stand out and to make certain you use them in ...

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