Chapter 7

Understanding the Parts of a Resume


Bullet Understanding the sections of your resume

Bullet Dumping content that doesn’t open interview doors

Bullet Using objectives and summaries strategically

Bullet Shaping your content in application forms

A prospective employer makes a leap of faith investing money in you as a new and untried employee. Are you really a good match for the position and the company? A resume’s content can make or break the initial impression that determines how that question gets answered (and if you get the interview).

How important is content? In comparing a position’s requirements to your qualifications (see Chapter 9), what your resume says is critical. This chapter outlines the sections you include on your Core resume. Chapters 9 to 11 explain how to sell, not tell, your worth.

Remember As you work on crafting your resume, don’t rush it. If you build it correctly, the interviews will come.

Breaking Down the Parts of Your Resume

To make your content easy to access, organize ...

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