Chapter 13

Dealing with a Major Life Change


Bullet Jump-start your career right out of the gate

Bullet Spinning your years of experience into a positive

Bullet Hopping from the military into a civilian career

Searching for a job is a stressful proposition, and navigating a life transition is stressful as well. When you put the two together, you may feel overwhelmed — and decide to play the lottery instead. However, you can move from one phase of your life to the next with the guidance offered in this chapter, especially if you find yourself in one of the following situations:

  • Searching for your first job (new grads)
  • Continuing your career (military transition, seasoned worker)

Sometimes you may have to figure out how to address a negative event — demotion, firing, too much or too little experience — on your resume. This chapter offers suggestions for how to present those situations so your resume doesn’t automatically end up in the rejection pile.

Scoring Big with Your First Gig

When you’ve just walked the cap-and-gown line, you can sidestep “no experience” potholes by impressing employers with your vim and vigor, accomplishments, and up-to-date knowledge. Here’s a primer on putting ...

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