Chapter 19

Ten Ways to Improve Your Resume


Bullet Eliminating anything that doesn’t support the job you’re targeting

Bullet Being crystal clear about what you’re applying for

Bullet Finding success in the 5 percent rule

Think your resume could sparkle with a few tweaks? Feeling like you’ve busted your chops and still are on the outside looking in? Close but no cigar? Here are ten easy fixes to power up your resume to OnTarget status.

Match Your Resume to the Job

To dart past job software filters, a resume must closely meet the requirements in the job description. If you know what company recruiters are looking for, make sure you put it in the top quarter of your resume. If instead you’re posting your resume in databanks, research the career field for typical requirements and include those that apply to you. Maintain your focus on including target keywords and then providing support with your experience.

Use Bulleted Style for Easy Reading

Using one- or two-liners opens up your resume with white space, making it more appealing to read. Professional advertising copywriters know that big blocks of text suffocate readers. Let your words breathe! Remember, less is more with wording and ...

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