Chapter 9

Using the OnTarget Approach


Bullet Selling yourself as a custom match for each job

Bullet Moving instantly with OnTarget customized resumes

Bullet Tailoring your resume, even for career changes

A Core, generic, or one-size-fits-all resume, when written well, tells and sells your whole career story. But if you actually use it as is to apply for open job opportunities, you will have a long, depressing wait. There are simply far too many job seekers contending for the same positions who will vie for the prospective employer’s time and interest.

Instead, you need to tailor each resume and corresponding cover letter to the job you’re targeting.

This chapter explains why your resumes aren’t generating interviews and reveals time-saving techniques and strategies to increase your odds of making it to the interview.

Is Targeting Your Resume Really Necessary?

Sprinting ahead in today’s candidate-cluttered job market gobbles up more research effort than the last time you baited your resume hooks. When there were plenty of jobs to go around, you may have needed to apply for, say, ten openings in a job search before meeting success. In today’s job market, with technology what it has ...

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